Golden Shark Coin

Available upon release on

gecko terminal
Coin Mooner

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Total Supply : 9 000 000 000
Ca : 5ToWnbyjgTzugqEi9cPJE7hLx3hfHS1sVQnF5GoLgbwG

Liquidity : total burned

Tax : 0%

Authority : revoqued

Supply distribution

  • 30% Token on pool
  • 7% Team wallet
  • 35% Presale
  • 20% Marketing push
  • 8% Airdrop

Fair Crypto-currency for everyone

Our Story

Dive into the depths of the crypto ocean with the all-new Golden Shark, Elon Musk’s pet! But where does this sensational symbol come from? Let us dive together into the troubled waters of its creation.

It all started with a bold idea, a gathering of crypto enthusiasts with a thirst for adventure and profit. These intrepid minds saw the opportunity to create something revolutionary, a corner meme that captures the essence of the crypto community while paying homage to one of the seas’ most feared predators: the shark. Even Elon Musk has made it his pet.

In a whirlwind of creativity and ingenuity, the development team worked tirelessly to bring Golden Shark to life. Inspired by the power and finesse of the shark, every aspect of the token has been carefully designed to provide investors with the best possible coin.



  • Website & Socials Launch
  • Marketing + Community Building
  • Private Call Group Features
  • TG & Twitter Raids


  • Influencer Partnerships
  • Presale
  • CMC / CG Listings
  • CEX Listings
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Raydium Launch

Phase# 3

  • Dextools Ads
  • Buying & Activity Contests
  • Continue Ad Campaign
  • Listing on big exchange ( Bitmart, Bitget, MEXC, Digifinex…)
  • +10 000 Holders